Amanda M. Laub

Chief Operating Officer, Eyecare Solutions Inc. • San Diego, CA

"My family has owned and operated a medical practice for 30 years. We pride ourselves on having top trained physicians and the best technology available to our patients. We know that what truly makes us great and different from other practices is the people within our organization.


Michelle Morrison has been INSTRUMENTAL in helping us plan, organize and develop a streamlined system for recruiting and interviewing. Before Michelle we really did not have a great plan when it came to hiring. We would post an ad, call people, try to feel them out and get to know them over the phone and then bring them in for an interview. We would then hire those we thought were a good fit. However, we started to notice that we had an unusual high amount of turnover. For a year we tried to figure out what we were doing wrong. After a lot of digging and contemplating we determined it must be our process for recruiting. Instead of hiring the RIGHT people, we were hiring those that were right in front of us. After our initial conversation with Michelle we realized that we did not have a good plan in place for recruiting. We are a very busy practice and see over 200 patients a day. We realized we were rushing through the interview process to find SOMEONE instead of trying to find the best person for the job.


Michelle took a great deal of time to get to know our business, management, and style. She helped plan and put together easy to follow directions for our managers. I credit Michelle 100% for our reduction in turnover. Since going with Michelle we have seen a huge drop in turnover and have seen an increase in staff satisfaction which translates to HAPPY CUSTOMERS.


I cannot thank Michelle enough for her diligence, thoughtfulness, attention to detail and time she took to help make sure we have the right tools and training for finding and hiring the RIGHT people."

Jim McCullough

General Manager, Diamante Cabo San Lucas • Mexico

"Working with Michelle Morrison is a lesson in professionalism. She is always on her game, has great understanding of any issue we engage in and has a propensity to make sure her responses are accurate, direct and focused.


Michelle is engaging, always wearing a smile, gets to the point and makes good use of your time as well as her own.  She adds great value to all issues she is asked to participate in and does it in a way that makes everyone comfortable and reassured that the chosen plan of action is a good one.


Michelle and I worked together for more than 12 years and always reached our objectives due to her diligence and professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle to any business partner or associate."

Radium Yan

Director, Worldwide Sales Strategic Insights and Planning at One of the Largest International Hotel Companies in the USA

"I worked with many recruiters in my life, but Michelle is by far the most talented of all.

·       To candidates, she is a great listener and a relationship builder. She is very personable and approachable.

·       To hiring managers / employers, she is a highly effective hunter and a strategic thinker.


She is extremely reliable and dependable.

·       Michelle recognized my passion for the industry and my talent in sales and analytics.

·       She is the only recruiter I know that does frequent follow ups with people she hired. She is continuously observing her former candidates and analyzing and evaluating their success in their jobs! This is also why she could constantly get the best fitting people for the jobs. Honestly this is not a secret to her success but few recruiters can commit to doing what Michelle has been doing."

Birgit Vollmer

Director of Member Services, Diamante Cabo San Lucas • Mexico

"Michelle has shown equally strong commitment to her job as to me, the applicant. Her commitment goes beyond signing of the employment contract; her support and follow-ups after I was hired make her unique and greatly treasured.  I especially appreciate her fast response, transparent communication, and co-ordination in a timely and efficient manner!  Michelle is friendly, approachable, helpful and patient, and she demonstrates professionalism and passion in her work."

Susan Fournier

Past President, International CHRIE • Switzerland

"I had the pleasure of working with Michelle when she would visit Switzerland to present internship opportunities to our students. She conducted interviews and placed accepted candidates in hospitality management training programs in the USA. These visits were very well organized with a tremendous amount of work accomplished in a limited time span. Michelle has an optimistic, can do attitude that enabled her to present these opportunities in a positive, yet realistic manner, so that students were well prepared for their work experience.


She exceeded our expectations in regards to student care while they were in America.


Michelle knows and understands the hospitality industry and makes time to assist whenever I have reached out to her with a question. I appreciate her expertise as well as her friendly business manner and do not hesitate in recommending her."

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From Over 30 Years of Experience in Recruiting and Hiring