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From slick New York City restaurant management at 18, to rugged broiler cook off Cape Cod, to over 30 years of experience in hospitality and management, Michelle's unique story and years of experience give her a well rounded and practical perspective that's hard to beat.

From her humble beginnings at age 18, being in charge of wine, beer and liquor at the swanky French restaurant in the heart of New York City, owned by Countess Maya de la Roche, Michelle made her own way to become one of the most sought after recruiters and consultants in her field. She began her journey at The Hotel School at the University of Denver and quickly realized that culinary school was calling her name. Michelle made the trek from Denver back to New York to attend The Culinary Institute of America. Although Michelle loved being in the kitchen, she also got a taste of restaurant management and completed her education at Cornell’s Hotel School, where she was able to utilize all of her talents and passions.

Upon graduation, Michelle had the choice of going into restaurant management or going into consulting with the top hospitality consulting group in the United States, Laventhol & Horwath. Needless to say, Michelle chose LA living and took the job as the Senior International Consultant for Laventhol & Horwath. During her tenure there, Michelle engaged in consulting with diverse industries in the U.S., Canada and France. While there, her major responsibilities involved working with a variety of clients including La Batt Brewing Company, Hilton Hotel Corporation, Le Bistro de la Gare in Paris, France (while conducting all her business in French!), and working with Marineland. She was also responsible for the annual publication of “California Restaurant Operations."

In 1980 Michelle made the bold move and started her own consulting firm called Kayem & Associates, focusing on helping business owners with operations, management and staff, recruiting, and training for both pre-opening businesses and existing businesses. And then she met Jerry and her life changed forever. The rest, they say, is history.

In 1988, Jerry and Michelle joined forces and opened Morrison & Company. The focus of their consulting business was diverse. They worked for law firms, accounting firms, nursing homes medical practices, and hospitality. They specialized in talent acquisition, creating processes and systems, saving businesses countless expense, and developing personalized talent acquisition systems. The firm became the go-to agency for international recruiting. They worked with high end resorts and recruited talent from Canada, the U.S., and 7 European countries, focusing on developing the customized systems and processes to fill entry-level management positions. They traveled the world, presenting to over 5,000 people. They screened over 4,000 people, interviewed over 2,500, and selected 150 individuals from 32 countries. Morrison & Company also was a heavy hitter in management consulting. They worked with restaurants, selected resorts, international hotel companies, and conducted professional development seminars including goal setting, improving customer/guest/patient/customer satisfaction, exit interviews and leadership, communication and strategic planning.

Michelle is now reinventing once again! With over 30 years in the consulting and recruiting industry, Michelle K Morrison brings to you the best of all of her talents! She is hyper-focused on showing you how to hire and interview to attract the best of the best! She’s condensed all of her knowledge and know-how to bring YOU what YOU need to do it yourself, and do it perfectly with less stress and more success. No one knows this industry like Michelle, and after you meet her, you’ll know why.

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